Awards 2005

The following outstanding women were presented with Vishalakshi Awards, an award established in memory of the mother of H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. This award recognized not only those women who have excelled under the gaze of the public eye, but also those women who have worked selflessly 'behind the scenes' to make a difference in this world.

Sallumara Thimmakka:
For landing and nurturing trees, together with her husband, along the 4 km stretch of arid, dusty road between Hulikal and nearby Kudur. These trees now provide a shady respite to all the villagers who regularly have to travel this road.

Jija Hari Singh
(IPS), Managing Director of Mysore Minerals Ltd. And recipient of the president of India Police Medal for distinguished service and the Indira Priyadarshini Award for National Integration and Arts.

Prema Kamath and Hemavati:
For their selfless service in the education of children.

Ms. Veena Dhari:
For discovering herbal medicines that have given relief to individuals living with HIV and AIDS.

Rashmi Gopi:
For her tireless efforts in promoting Indian dance forms.

Justice Manjula Chellur:
The first ever woman appointed to the High Court of Karnataka since establishment in 1884.

Shyama Sondhi:
For her unwavering commitment in Jammu and Kashmir to create an Art of Living Youth movementand bringing about trauma relief and rehabilitation for youth and prisoners.

Smt. Shobha and Manjulamma Hoskote:
For their roles in establishing self-help groups, ensuring that women in their villages were self-sufficient.


Parimala, Manjula and Jayanti:
For their committed service to the community, working for the Indian postal department for the past 18 years. These are seemingly ordinary women living extraordinary lives.

Pravrajika Vivekaprana:
Writer and Senior Nun of the Sri Sarada Mathwho has spent a majority of her time holding spiritual retreats in India and abroad and authored many books on the up liftment of the human mind.

Chitra Roy:
For her contribution to music.

Malati Holla:
For winning 183 golds, 24 silvers and 5 bronze medals in a short span of two decades in various national and international events including the Para Olympics and Asian Games. She was also the recipient of the Arjuna Award in 1996 and the Padma Shri in 2001.

Srimati Mottamma:
(Former Minister of Karnataka for Women and Child Welfare): For her contribution in the field of politics especially local government.