Awards 2020

Guru. Smt. Saroja Vaidhyanathan
had her training under the accomplished guru Lalitha of Saraswathi Gana Nilayam Chennai and is the 3rd generation disciple of the famous Guru Kattumannar Muthukumaran Pillai. She has been one of India’s most prominent Bharatanatyam exponents, earning her fame as an intelligent dancer, guru, innovative choreographer, author, and an able administrator. Sarojaji was also the choreographer for over 1800 Bharatanatyam exponents in the World Culture Festival in 2016.

Dr. Vanaja Uday
has given more than 4400 dance performances and lecture demonstrations across a huge performing experience. She has conducted workshops, written books on dance and has visited over 40 countries with her performances. An A grade artist and an impaneled artist of the ICCI, Dr. Vanaja Uday was also the choreographer for over 2000 artists of Kuchipudi in the World Culture Festival 2016.

Guru Smt. Uma Tilak
with over 25 years of training with grace and supple style with sensitivity - and she has established a school. She is a dedicated teacher, performer, and choreographer and also sings during her programs.

Mata Shri Mangala Devi
Founder of The Hans Foundation
Shri Hans log Jan Kalyan and Hans Cultural Centre – the institutes that are spread across various countries and helped many poor people. These institutes have not only provided health and hygiene to the needy but also contributed to their scientific and spiritual progress. The foundation, in collaboration with Swami Vivekanand Charitable Trust, has also established 8 multispeciality hospitals. The organization is also working towards women empowerment. All this wouldn’t be possible without Mata Shri Mangalaji and her husband, who has been the source of inspiration and a guiding light to millions.

Mrs. Dilraj Bedi
for her commitment to human values - a huge member and a very supporting role with the IAHV.

Dr. Methil Devika
Dr. Devika hails from the Pallakad district in Kerala and is a dance practitioner, educator, and researcher in Mohiniyattam, a dance form. Dr. Devaki has received national accolades such as the Ustad Bismillah Khan award, the Devadasi national award, the Kerala Sangeet Natya Akademi award, the MS Subbulakshmi award and so so many more. Devaki received her doctorate for her thesis in Mohiniyattam. She is a gold medallist for MA Dance, as well as a gold medalist in MBA. She has a UGC in dance and a Ministry of Culture fellowship in Mohiniyattam. She is an adjunct professor at the University of York, Canada at the Dance department as a research guide and examiner and Shri Shankaracharya Sanskrit University, Kaladi.