Celebrating Women

After the resounding success of the first International Women’s Conference in June 2005, the second International Conference was held from June 8-10th, 2007, at the Art of Living International Headquarters in Bangalore, India.

The theme of the year’s conference was the three “Shaktis”: “Icha Shakti” or “Strength in Will,” “Kriya Shakti” or “Strength in Action” and “Gyana Shakti” or “Strength in Knowledge.” In Sanskrit, “Shakti” means the “driving force behind creation.” The term represents the eternal feminine principle which is instrumental in positive social transformation.

The second IWC brought together 525 women from all walks of life and various organizations from over 50 countries. Among others, participants included First Ladies, Ministers, Mayors, Members of Parliament, social reformers, 800 students and 800 women from the villages of India and Africa. The Conference was partnered by organizations that have promoted and supported women’s issues for many years, including the International Association for Human Values (IAHV), Ved Vignan Maha Vidya Peeth (VVMVP), Value Integrated Services to All Women (VISTA India), UNIFEM and Femina India.

As technology shrinks the world and spirituality helps unite ideologies, women are beginning to lead the way to a new tomorrow. The Conference echoed this sentiment and showcased feminine leadership in a variety of fields. For three days, women shared their stories, inspired each other and created an action plan to help empower women across the globe. Celebrations, sharing, caring and service were the hallmarks of this event.

The Conference was inaugurated by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder of the Art of Living and the International Association for Human Values; Mrs Shiranthi Rajapakse, the first Lady of Sri Lanka, and Mrs. Sarojini Jugnauth, the First Lady of Mauritius.

Reflection 2007