The Light of Leadership

The 3rd International Women’s Conference was held at the Art of Living Foundation’s International Center in Bangalore, India from 6-8th February, 2009. The theme, “The Light of Leadership: Integrating Global Perspectives,” sparked lively discussions, thoughtful self-reflection and celebration amongst 723 delegates from 70 countries. Women from every walk of life participated and united easily on the common bonds of spirituality, compassion, integrity, resilience, grace and determination.

The issues of the global economic crisis, conflict resolution, the media portrayal of women, challenges of leadership due to geo-political considerations and ethical leadership formed the core of participant discussion. While delegates deliberated about and resolved to effect positive transformation, speakers repeatedly reinforced the impact of women leadership and women’s potential act at, both, individual and collective levels.

World- renowned female entertainers graced the stage and through their passion for their art, captivated the audience. Additionally, women leaders were honored for their selfless commitment to improve the world. In a nutshell, the gathering fostered an atmosphere of festivity and commitment in which delegates shared wisdom and life’s experiences, forging friendships for life and resolving to carry with them the light of leadership.

Reflection 2009