Everything Matters: The Butterfly Effect

The 7th International Women’s Conference was held in Bali Indonesia and organised by IAHV, The Art of Living Indonesia, Ved Vignan Maha Vidya Peeth and Vista India.

The conference was well represented by women from 31 countries. The unique inaugural webcast with Gurudev was viewed by thousands from 700 locations in 41 countries around the world via webcast. This session sought solutions to some of the biggest challenges faced by world leaders including worklife balance, the issue of drug and sex addiction, the need to have more women on corporate boardrooms, the importance to have a shared vision and the skillful use of ethics in different aspects of leadership.

In the subsequent sessions eminent speakers addressed the delegates on the role of women in the fields of environment, peace and social media.

Apart from supporting the cause of education, the conference initiated planting of 500 trees in a Tree Planting Ceremony attended by dignitaries from the Government of Indonesia. In its continued support of environmental issues, a signature campaign was launched for the eradication of neonicotinoids which are the primary reason for the colony collapse of bees in North America. The banner will later be presented to the US Congress.

Delegates and speakers also enjoyed the Art of Living programs viz; Sri Sri Yoga, Happiness Program and Sahaj Samadhi Meditation.

The theme of the next International Women’s Conference, “Life a Mystical Journey” was unveiled at the Valedictory Session.

Reflection 2015