My Mother’s Gift Became
My Life’s Direction

From an athlete to a student; from an entrepreneur in organic products to a meditation teacher with students in diverse places such as Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Asia, USA, and Germany. San Jose’s Luis Diego Cob wears many hats. The one that he wears constantly is that of a meditation teacher. And it all began with his mom. 

As a high school student, Luis’ mother, a cancer and fibromyalgia patient, encouraged him to learn meditation. When Luis started practicing the techniques taught in The Art of Living program he began observing small, yet distinctive changes; the ability to multi-task, keeping calm during exams when his friends were succumbing to stress, better performance as an athlete, and more confidence and joy.  In simple words “Meditation exploded my potential. It completely upgraded my happiness,” he shares.

Even though he was happy and healthy before he started meditation as a student, with no major complaints or issues, with practice he could see dramatic changes in his life. So much so that after several years of practice Luis feels like sometimes he cannot recognize himself anymore!

When he noticed how stressed his fellow students would feel, especially during finals, Luis decided to share with them the things he learnt in meditation.  This inspired him to become an Art of Living teacher.

“No MBA or Ph.D can give you the determination and endurance and personal inner strength that meditation can give you,” believes Luis.

With regular meditation, other aspects of Luis’ personality have opened up.  Whether it was teething problems with his entrepreneurial venture, or understanding the nuances of his business or clients. Luis began to develop a strong style of perseverance, consistency and determination to overcome obstacles and make things work. This, he attributes, to regular practice of yoga and meditation.

“Dealing with people and handling relationships efficiently needs a lot of energy and dynamism, and there’s always scope to take up more work and take on more responsibility. Managing all this is much more effortless now,” shares Luis.

Despite many accomplishments what gives Luis the most satisfaction? “Contribution to society!”

And the last ten years have proved just that. Luis has taught and coordinated projects with street children, impoverished communities, battered women, juvenile delinquents, general public, university students and young professionals around the world.

“My wish is that everyone in Costa Rica and the world experiences the effects of meditation. More and more people are looking at these techniques as a tool to improve the quality of life and that’s where I’d like to help in!

And it all began when a mother coaxed a boy to go for a meditation class.

As told to Anamika Khosla