Getting In Touch With
My Inner Guru

Sarina Mahboobani, works as a content coordinator for a website in India. Although she has been a regular meditator since 5 years, it was only until her uncle asked why does she meditate, she was left wondering what how meditation has changed her life so much? What is it that makes her sit down every morning, religiously, to meditate?

Her experience below is an expression of her wonder. She feels meditation has given her a genie that guides her, on how to act in any situation.

Meditation! I am not sure I can call it an activity, or something that I do (since meditation is the art of doing nothing), but I spend around an hour a day meditating.
I sit down every morning, close my eyes, something incredible happens, and some forty to fifty minutes later, I come out of this state called meditation. My mind suddenly becomes aware of the environment, of the faint sounds of the birds chirping, or the neighbors laughing (yeah, I have happy neighbors), and I am ready to start the day.

I pick up my handbag, wear my shoes, comb my hair, give my pretty face that one last look in the mirror, and off I am to work, feeling light, happy and centered. Sort of like cotton candy—pink cotton candy.
So this is my routine, and meditation is a part of it, which I do almost every day.

Why Meditation?

It wasn’t until today, or precisely, until the moment I received a message from my uncle asking me, "Why should one meditate regularly?" that I thought about: what meditation has made of me, or of my life? and what is it that makes me sit down every morning, religiously, to meditate?

I thought to myself, wow, this is actually a very difficult question to answer, especially in the world that I live in today, where everything operates on logic that has substance—substantial logic might be the right expression.
But when it comes to meditation, there is no substantial logic; in my opinion, it is more a subtle logic, not that obvious but at the same time one that has impacted every aspect of my life. In fact, mediation is a subtle experience, and an experience of the subtle within, which is why I find it so impactful.

A New Level Of Awareness

So now I am left thinking how I would explain this subtle experience to my uncle. I feel that there is a space inside each one of us that is very subtle and yet very alive. Something that is the essence of our being. And meditation is the means of connecting to that subtle space within.

When we connect to that subtle space within through meditation, we tap into a source of immense power and intelligence, which is the inner Guru! And connecting to the inner Guru is what takes us to a new level of awareness.
Many of us have heard several wise people say, "All answers are within you". Well, that is the space that meditation takes me to. The space of my inner Guru.

Adding Some Magic To My Life

We all face several situations in a day that require a lot of decision-making, and the same is true for me. Now just imagine how wonderful it would be if all of us had some genie who knew the exact choice or decision we need to make to lead life on the path of success, harmony, happiness, and love.
An all-knowing genie that kept whispering into our ears the exact thing we need to do, say, and be in order to win and be effective in every situation life presents to us.
Well, this is what meditation has given me—a genie that tells me what I need to do in any given situation, and her name is intuition.

It is now, when I stop and think, what meditation has made of me, or of my life, that I see that meditation has given me the power of intuition. It has given me access to my inner Guru, who tells me what I need to do in a given situation that would be best for me and those involved. And this is why one must meditate every day!

The Power Of Intuition! How Come?

From my experience I gather that when I meditate, I tap into a different level of being or state of consciousness (that is, the intelligence/consciousness that operates everything in this universe). When I connect to this consciousness during meditation, it opens up certain channels to this space of intelligence (experienced as a higher level of awareness). And even in moments when I am not in meditation, that is, when I am working or doing other activities, I gain access to this space, which is all-knowing.
So meditation establishes a connection with this space of intelligence.
Once the connection is established with the practice of meditation, there is a flow of information between myself and this space of intelligence. And this flow of information is intuition – The Genie or The Inner Guru.
I feel that the more frequent the meditation, the stronger is the connection with this space of intelligence, or the inner Guru. Which is why it is said that meditation must be a regular practice.

Experiencing Love

With intuition, what comes along is love.
Don’t you just love to love? I love to love, and meditation gives me that feeling of love—that feeling of pink cotton candy.
The power that operates this universe is love. It is love and intelligence. So when I meditate, I am bestowed with intuition and love. Two very important qualities that enriche my experience of life.

Now you think: what would your life be like if you had more intuition and more love? All the answers lie within you!

Now that I have gathered my thoughts on meditation, I am going to send this to my uncle so he knows why he needs to meditate every day!