The Beautiful Secret of Water

Words, words, words. There are words everywhere. Gone are the days when silence and vibes were given utmost preference to communicate. We speak nicely to some, rudely to someone else. We befriend, break hearts, connect and disconnect with our words. Communication can make or break our world. However, have you ever wondered that why some words throw you off balance and make you susceptible to being vulnerable? And why do some words give you the sense of being loved and cared for?

We understand words as a means of communication, but there is something more to it.

There is a secret related to the words that you speak and hear. There is a secret about the influence that words have on you and your mind.

This was discovered by Masaru Emoto, a Japanese doctor in alternative medicine, who would heal his patients with water infused with vibrational energy. Struck with wonder that vibrations could impact crystalline structure of water, he began an experiment.

Dr. Emoto spoke these words to the sample droplet, ‘I love you’, ‘Thank you’, ‘I hate you’, 'I'm sick of you' and ‘I am grateful to you’, to study its impact on a frozen water droplet. He also played a heavy metal song, Beethoven, Mozart, The Beatles, Amazing Grace among others. He tried using words like evil, eternal, you fool, wisdom among others.

The result of this experiment startled Dr. Emoto and gave the world a new understanding of how spoken words impact our surrounding, especially our fellow beings. While music, prayers and good words created beautiful hexagonal structures, bad words created distorted structures.

Clearly, it proved that words can alter your surrounding and impact your mind. This should be used as a benchmark on why it is necessary to think twice before we speak.

In a similar experiment, which was carried out during Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s visit to Japan, a glass of water was placed on a ledge behind Gurudev for two days at the Happiness Program venue. Another water sample was placed in an office area in Tokyo. On studying the crystals of both water samples, it was found that water crystal from the Happiness program was bigger in size.

Now, imagine the impact of words on ourselves - human bodies which are comprised of 70% water.

It is thus not surprising to conclude why abusive words provoke anger in us and why good words make us feel positive and uplift our spirits.

The awareness of fact that a majority of our body is made up of water and fact that there is a proven correlation between water and sound, we can become more mindful of the words we use and wish to say to others.

Words have an immediate effect on our physiology and psychology, thus chanting and mantras is recommended in every religion. Words emanating peace immediately calm our mind and body.

Here are a set of pictures showing the water crystals of Fujiwara dam - before and after chanting a prayer to it.