Tapping Creativity
Through Meditation

Creativity is a wonder wand that churns out solutions to crooked problems, swirls about amazing creations, and awes your mind with its magical touch. Many of us desire it, but most of us assume it is an asset of a few. But, did you know that it is a gift that we are all born with?

The innate source of creativity

Creativity is already present in every point in consciousness - a field of energy that goes beyond our bodies. Anyone who has discovered anything or had moments of creativity is because it is already present in the consciousness. We take credit for our creative outputs because we are tapping what is already there. Creativity just flows, and art just happens. Whether it is a scientific discovery or art, the mystery begins with one question - what is its origin?



Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says: “The more we relax into ourselves; we bring out creativity and happiness. If there is no creativity, then you cannot bring it from somewhere. It is like applying the heat to pop the corn and it becomes popcorn. Similarly, there is inherent creativity in consciousness.”

The source is unknown. Tapping into this unknown field within us is easy through meditation. With meditation, creativity emerges.

“Innovation and creativity spring from within us and spirituality — study of our Self - is the technology to tap that source.”
    - Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

The mechanics of meditation and creativity

Meditation happens with effortlessness. Interestingly, on the level of the mind, lesser the effort, greater the result. When the mind learns to let go and relax, then the ideas emerge. Have you observed, if you have forgotten something, the more effort you put to remember, the longer it takes for you to remember? The sooner you let go, the faster you remember. However, our mind is not habituated to rest in its waking hours.

Our mind is always busy creating the next to-do list or ruminating over past actions. Even in our sleep, the mind gallops through dreams. As a result, most of us don’t get creative inspiration as often as we’d like. This is where meditation plays a role.

Meditation helps us consciously take rest from our buzzing mind. When the mind rests with awareness through meditation, creativity is naturally evoked.

Tips to use meditation for creativity

  • Meditate before beginning your work or going to work. It will give the mind the needed rest.
  • Do a short guided meditation in your work break.
  • You can even find a meditation for creativity in the Sattva App.
  • Do an Art of Silence program once in 6 months.


  1. Be enthusiastic: You are closer to the creative principle of existence.
  2. Observe a little silence: Just tiny pockets of silence will put the busy, worried mind to rest.
  3. Balanced activity, rest & yoga can make you more creative.

Go ahead, tap your creativity. Make everything fresh and alive again.

Based on input from Seema Thanedar, Faculty, The Art of Living