A Secret to Being
a Good Manager

For a good manager, it is important to be in the present moment with patience and poise!

If you are intelligent, you may not be able to bear the lack of intelligence in others. The management profession requires dealing with diverse situations and people. To be able to deal with them justly requires a sharp intellect, patience, endurance and presence of mind.

How can we develop patience? We have never been taught how to handle our mind. The tendency of the mind to in the present moment needs to be cultivated and nurtured, so that one can develop patience and sharpness. This can be done by attending to one’s breath and by meditating. Breathing exercises help in improving our perception, observation and expression and this is vital for good management.

Every time you expect some perfection in others’ speech or action, you should take care not to lose the balance or perfection of your own mind and to pay close attention to your own inner feelings.

By Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

First published in the book ‘Management Mantras : Key To Effective Management &leadership’.