Meditation erases
all Impressions

Do not make an effort to impress others or to express yourself. Your effort to impress someone will be futile. Your effort to express yourself becomes an impediment. If you do not try to impress, expression comes naturally. When you come from the Self, your expression will be perfect and your impression lasts for ages. Often, you do not seem to have control over your impressions and expressions. Wisdom is selecting your impressions and expressions.

Enlightenment is when you do not have any impressions at all, whether good or bad. Then you “master” the confusion, distraction, chaos and inability to focus and ultimately, derangement of the mind. Nature has built into us a system through which we release some of the impressions – through dreams and meditation.

You lose depth, luster and your serenity with excessive expression. Meditation erases the impressions and improves the expression.

First published in Celebrating Silence

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