Significance of the nine colors of Navratri 2024

Navratri festivities are filled with vibrant colors that are visible in the decorations, dresses, and designs all around you. Have you ever wondered about the significance of these Navratri colors?  Yes, there is a pattern and meaning behind each color that dazzles the eye.

Nine colors of Navratri 2024

The nine colors of Navratri 2023 are white, red, royal blue, yellow, green, grey, orange, peacock green, and pink.

Every year, while the colors remain the same, the order varies depending on the day Navratri falls. Here is a list of the Navratri colors 2023 in a snapshot:

  • First Day (9th April) – Pratipada – White
  • Second Day (10th April) – Dwitiya – Red
  • Third-Day (11th April) – Tritiya – Royal Blue
  • Fourth Day (12th April) – Chaturthi – Yellow
  • Fifth Day (13th April) – Panchami – Green
  • Sixth Day (14th April) – Shashti – Grey
  • Seventh Day (15th April) – Saptami – Orange
  • Eighth Day (16th April) – Ashtami – Peacock Green
  • Ninth Day (17th April) – Navami – Pink

Significance of Navratri colors

 Each of the nine colors of Navratri symbolizes a distinct quality of the Devi.

  1. White: White symbolizes peace, purity, and prayer in devotees’ hearts when they worship the Devi.
  2. Red: Red symbolizes action and vigor. It symbolizes the fierce form of the Goddess.
  3. Royal Blue: Royal blue symbolizes tranquility and the depth of the dark blue sky. It is a representation of the depth of wisdom the Devi holds.
  4. Yellow: Yellow is the color of brightness, happiness, and cheer – traits of the Devi.
  5. Green: Green is a symbol of growth and fertility required for success in every field.
  6. Grey: Grey represents balance.
  7. Orange: Orange symbolizes radiance and energy.
  8. Peacock Green: Peacock green represents uniqueness and individuality.
  9. Pink: Pink symbolizes love, affection, and harmony.

When you attend your celebrations this year keep these color codes in mind and sport a different outfit every day with the accompanying accessories. With knowledge of the significance of the Navratri colors, you can don the appropriate expression with the look.