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  • 42 years legacy
  • 10,000+ centers in 180 countries
  • 500 million lives touched

Ashram' is a Sanskrit word that means without effort or toil: So when you come to an ashram, you are effortlessly able to drop all the mental baggage/ fears and insecurities you have carried with you. An ashram is synonymous with deep rest.

Over the last 42 years, The Art of Living has established several ashrams around the world. These centers have become places of community development, retreats for self-development and reflection. Above all, these ashrams have become a place where people of all faiths and ideologies find common ground, Visitors often describe ashrams as a home away from home.

Make the ashram a lighthouse of love and compassion for all humanity. Let it unite people from all walks of life, from all philosophies, from all backgrounds.

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar