Power of Meditation

Ever thought meditation could be as enjoyable as slurping an ice cream cone or feeling the cool breeze on your face? Well, that’s the power of meditation – it sensitizes you to every little thing around you, creating a heightened awareness and a deeper capacity to experience. Here are some meditators sharing glimpses of their meditation experiences.

T – Treasure

For me, my meditation is no less than a treasure that I would like to cherish all my life. It has made my life richer with joy.
Karan Singh, Businessman

H – Holiday Inside

Meditation is like going on a 20-minute holiday inside. Just like a holiday gives me a break from my normal routine and relaxes me, the same way my 20 minutes give me a good break and make me feel fresh.
Divya Sachdev, Content Writer

E – Ecstasy

I can say, meditation = ecstasy. The real joy that comes from a few minutes of meditating cannot equal anything else.
Divya Verma, Student

P – Paint

Meditation reminds me of paint. Just as each stroke of paint adds beauty and color to a picture, the same way each meditation adds beauty and fantastic colors to my life.
Hitanshi Sachdev, Student

O – Oars

Like an oars helps row a boat, meditation helps me sail through my life with ease.
Karan Verma, Interior Designer

W – Wind

Meditation brings to me the idea of cool wind blowing on your face. Just like a gentle stroke of cool breeze brings a smile on my face and refreshes me from deep within, so does my meditation experience.
Pritika Nair, Content Writer

E – Encyclopedia

My meditation experience is like going through an encyclopedia. To every small or big question that pops up into my head, I have found answers to them with regular practice of meditation.
Shaarda Nath

R – Rain Coat

Meditation is like rain coat - how a rain coat protects me from rain and storm, meditation protects me from the rain and storm of life.
Chetana Kapoor, Engineer

O – Ocean of Joy and Peace

Meditation makes me feel that I’m floating in an ocean of peace and joy.
Sonam Taneja, Journalist

F - First Ray of the Sun

For me, meditation is like the first ray of the sun. Just as meditation marks the beginning of the day, the same way my daily morning meditation marks the beginning of my day.
Anshika Gupta, Writer

M – Mixer

Have you seen a mixer at work? It grinds stuff for a few moments and then it stops. There is no activity, everything settles. Similarly, when I sit to meditate, for a few moments there might be several thoughts from everywhere going round and round in my mind but there comes a point when all these thoughts settle down.
Sharad Jaju, MBA Student

E – Engine

My meditation is the engine of my life which helps me drive it with ease.
Sanya Malhotra, Doctor

D – Door to Peace

For me, meditation is the easiest doorway to peace. All you do is sit with your eyes closed for a few minutes and you enter into a calm, peaceful state.
Neha Sharma, Entrepreneur

I - Infinitely Closed Bubble

Meditation, to me, is an infinitely closed bubble. I say bubble because I feel it’s power all around me; I say it’s closed because it keeps bad influences at bay; and infinite because it beholds so much energy that it makes me capable of diverse actions.
Shilpy Madan, Consultant

T – Tree Shade

Meditating after a long day at work is as relaxing as sitting under a tree shade on a hot, sunny day.
Aditya Singh, Businessman

A – Apple

Just like an apple a day keeps the doctor away, my daily meditation keeps the doctor at bay.
Rachit Gujral, Businessman

T – Tea

As delightful as sipping a hot cup of tea, my meditation gives me absolute delight.
Kamna Mahajan, Housewife

I – Ice Cream

For me, enjoying an ice-cream is like meditation. When I’m eating an ice-cream, I totally enjoy the moment. Similarly, when I meditate, my mind is completely in the present.
Jaidev Singh, Student

O – Oats

I feel meditation is like having oats. As oats is healthy for the body, meditation is healthy for the mind.
Aatika L. Rohit, Medical Student

N – Nature

My meditation experience is similar to being with nature. Just like when I’m with nature, my mind is calm and still, the same way with meditation, my mind completely settles down.
Arjit Bansal, Office-goer

Inspired by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's wisdom talks