Reconnect and Restore your Energy Through the Ancient Power of Silence

By Spencer Delisle 

Silent Retreat teacher shares how the power of silence can help to recharge our energy, and offers tips on how to harness its powers in our everyday life.

We all have a desire for silence at some point or another. Maybe you’ve been talking with someone for a while, and suddenly feel that you can’t keep going anymore. Your energy becomes low and you just need some quiet time.

Maybe you’re not feeling well, and the last thing you want is to be around a bunch of people. The call for alone time becomes so strong. It’s a natural tendency to move towards silence in those moments.

Silence is healing and it restores our energy. 

So why do we avoid it?

People don’t like to be silent, because as soon as they are, they start to hear the incessant noise in their own minds. And they don’t know how to deal with it—they realize their mind is completely all-over-the-place.

Plan after plan. Endless to-do lists. Hanging out with this person, and then that one. We’re constantly inundated with all the stimuli that’s around us, aka the fine art of occupying the mind.

But it’s too bad because a real opportunity gets missed.

The mind is just one level of our existence. And when the mind is busy, it gets even harder to settle down to connect with that very subtle, and very delicate essence of who we really are.

So how to connect with ourselves through silence?

There are so many simple ways of tapping into that inner stillness that we all yearn for. The first step is to see when you can realistically reserve a time in the day to be silent—which works with all the responsibilities that you’re juggling.

When you wake up in the morning, it’s a wonderful time to be silent. This is why I prefer an alarm clock over my cell phone. I avoid the challenge of not seeing messages and emails first thing in the morning. That silence is precious.

Waking up a little earlier, so I’m completely on my own, guarantees that silent time just for me. It’s a great time to do spiritual practices, where we’re also in silence and bringing all our attention inward.

Then there’s taking those few sips of tea, quietly. Or that breath of fresh air as I step out of the house to start the day, while looking up at the beautiful sunshine. There are so many unique ways to honor silence. 

Taking the dive into a deeper experience.

Every once in a while, it’s really beneficial to go even deeper. A Silent Retreat offers that possibility. When the environment becomes silent, the mind follows suit and can let go on a whole other level. This is when those deep-seated stresses, traumas, and negative impressions can release.

It enables deeper healing to happen. And we can start to get in touch with that joy, peace, love, dynamism, and enthusiasm that we are. So many of us don’t know what our inner silence is, because we’ve never had a chance to experience it.

I can talk about this for hours and share so many of my own experiences. But in truth, it’s such a personal journey. The only way you’ll really know what deep silence can bring to your life, is by experiencing it.


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Spencer Delisle is an international Art of Living teacher. With over 15 years of experience, he has touched the lives of thousands of people, teaching them how to manage their minds and emotions. He’s a sought-after speaker on various global platforms including the United Nations’ International Day of Yoga, The Ministry of Youth and Sport Summit on Peace in Iraq, and the World Culture Festival in India.

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