Daily Meditation Nourishes Your Soul: Find Calm Beyond Chaos

By Raina Fadel | Posted: July 26, 2019

Modern society, with its technological innovations and ever-changing needs, demands a fast pace. This style of living can take its toll on our well-being, either making us disinterested or less passionate about what we do. 

One of the things we can do to remedy this and take a break from everyday living is practice mindful meditation. Meditation is the process of clearing the mind for relaxation or spiritual purposes. The goal of meditation is to attain a state of inward awareness, and initiate personal and spiritual growth. 

You may have seen meditation depicted in pop culture as something done only by Tibetan monks or traditional Indian gurus. While this may be true to some extent, anyone can take a few minutes during their day to become one with their spirit. You only need that much time to enjoy the many benefits of meditation, such as reducing one’s stress and controlling anxiety, enhancing self-awareness, improving sleep, lengthening one’s attention span, and decreasing one’s blood pressure. 

Meditation is also believed to stimulate kindness in one’s attitude and help in fighting addiction. One of the most noteworthy things about meditation is that you can do it anywhere, from the quietest and most intimate space to hectic and chaotic environments.

Nourish your soul with daily meditation

Mindful meditation is all about focusing your attention inward and canceling all other external stimuli. It’s possible to meditate anyplace, even in spaces that aren’t necessarily the most peaceful, such as a noisy home environment with an inconsiderate roommate that has their music turned up, or even a busy airport. 

Ideally, you may first establish a place in your home with the right atmosphere that can be your permanent and go-to meditation spot. It can be a quaint corner that the morning sunlight hits just right or the middle of your living room where you’re the center. To enhance the overall mood of your meditation space, you may add a comfortable handmade rug or cozy chair for you to sit on. 

If you already know where to do it, the next step is to know when in the day you’re going to meditate. Ideally we meditate before meals, morning and evening. That way we clear our minds to start the day, and again after a day’s work so we can enjoy the evening with a fresh mind.

Do meditation at your home trouble-free

At a time when everyone is all about having that fast-paced, instant lifestyle and instant gratification, meditation can help you slow down, allow your mind to breathe, and cleanse your spirit in the process. All of us have an inner source of wisdom and happiness that keeps us going if we focus enough to identify it. Ten or twenty minutes a day of doing mindful meditation can go a long way. Who knows, maybe it’s all you need to turn your week and life around for the better.

In the meantime, join a free Beyond Breath online session from the comfort of your home to experience the magic of a guided meditation with a live instructor.

Raina Fadel believes in and writes about eco-friendly living. She passionately volunteers coaching others on home improvement and drawing her dream house. 


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