Enjoy the Tasty Health Benefits of Ginger: From Your Head to Your Feet

By Denise Everheart 

Health never tasted so good! The health benefits of ginger range from your head to your feet! Included are 4 ways to add ginger to your diet.

Do you love ginger as much as I love ginger? I am all about ginger in any form: ginger ale, ginger tea, ginger beer, and especially ginger shots! Ginger root not only has a tasty ‘zing’ but also has a long list of health benefits- everything from headache relief to healthier feet! Read on to learn more...

Health benefits of ginger

The perennial plant zingiber officinale aka ginger is cultivated all across the world. It is available in different compositions and widely known for its culinary use. Fresh ginger, dried ginger, and ginger juice are excellent ways to ‘spice up’ any meal. Yum!

However, ginger is more than just a spice that can be added to your favorite dishes. The Eastern holistic healing approach of Ayurveda recognizes ginger as a tonic that can help detox and balance the body. Ginger has a strong cleansing effect on the body, mobilizing toxins and restoring balance.

Read the Ayurvedic Detox: The Natural Way to Cleanse to learn more about how to use ginger as part of a cleanse.

Ginger for weight loss

Obesity can reduce a person’s life expectancy by as many as 20 years. However, research shows that ginger may be instrumental in controlling your weight and reducing obesity by reducing a variety of contributing factors, including glucose and body weight. Ginger has the ability to reduce cravings for sweet and salty foods while also aiding digestion. 

Food that is properly digested gives better nutrition and you are less likely to store undigested food in your intestines. Ewww! It can also help balance blood sugar levels so you are less likely to want to snack. Try a little grated ginger on top of your breakfast porridge for a filling and satisfying meal that will keep you going all morning long.

Ginger for beautiful skin

Thanks to its anti-aging properties, such as gingerol, this perennial plant also helps to rejuvenate your skin. Studies indicate that ginger helps reduce the synthesis of melanin and reduces the aging of the skin. Ayurvedic skincare line, Shankara, has a Fine Line Moisturizer that contains ginger extract and feels simply luxurious as you apply it to your skin. Who knew ginger could help you look more youthful!?! 

Ginger for immunity

Ginger’s antimicrobial properties make it a powerful tool for fighting infections, including bacterial infections like strep throat. A ginger capsule or tablet can give extra support to your immune system during cold and flu season.

Ginger to minimize inflammation and pain

Some conditions, such as fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis, can come with chronic pain due to inflammation — the body’s natural response for fighting bacteria and viruses. The longer the inflammation persists, the more painful it can be, but ginger may provide alternative pain relief. Research shows that ginger helps to reduce inflammation and pain, due to the presence of gingerols (essential oils).

Ginger for digestion

This famous superfood can help you to not only digest your food but can also help control your appetite. A common Ayurvedic practice includes consuming ginger during meals, as it is believed to facilitate nutrient absorption. It is also worth noting that ginger can remedy issues with constipation, just don’t overdo it or you will have the opposite issue of diarrhea.

For more about ginger as a digestive aid, read How to Improve Digestion with Ayurvedic Herbs.

Even more health benefits of ginger

Nausea, motion sickness, menstrual cramps, and even morning sickness during pregnancy can benefit from consuming ginger. This superfood is a health-benefit-packed extraordinaire! Even heart disease is looking at ginger for reducing risk factors.

Including ginger in your diet

Leveraging ginger’s health benefits is not hard to do. Here are four simple ways you can include ginger in your diet:

1. Ginger tea. Relieve stress and uplift your mood with the power of ginger tea. Ginger tea can provide soothing relief when you have a cold or any time when you are chilled. You can boil 1” of fresh ginger root in water to flavor the warm beverage for a potent taste. You can also add ginger powder to any hot drink. Mmmm, ginger hot chocolate anyone?  Or take an even easier route by steeping ginger tea bags in hot water with a splash of lemon. 

Too hot outside to enjoy a cup of tea? Try this delicious Iced Chai made with powdered ginger.

2. Cooking with ginger as a spice. Ginger adds a little kick to the flavoring of fruits and veggies. Try enhancing the taste of your soups and stir fry dishes with some freshly peeled and diced ginger. You can also find prepared minced ginger in a jar or tube at your local grocery store. 

3. Pickled ginger. For a more tangy ginger experience, you can include ginger in your diet in pickled form. Pickled ginger is especially tasty with nori wraps.

4. Ginger as a sweet treat. Gingerbread and gingersnaps, pumpkin pie, and just plain candied ginger are all delicious ways to infuse ginger into your diet.

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Denise Everheart is a freelance writer, SKY Breath Meditation instructor, party planner, veg chef, and recipe designer. Follow her @everheartstudio4meditation and @celeplateyourlife on Instagram. 

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