Celebrating Love, Knowledge & Infinity - A Transcript of Gurudev's Message on 10th July 2017

10 Jul 2017 Montreal, Canada

A day to celebrate love, knowledge and infinity

Behind every event there is knowledge, behind every person there is love and behind every object there is infinity.

What is the core of a person? It is love. Similarly, what is the core of an object? It is space. Every object has come into space, is in space and goes back into space. Similarly, every event has a cause and if you go deep into the cause, you will find knowledge there.

All celebrations on the planet are around a person or an event. Take Christmas for example, it is associated with the birth of Jesus. But if there is one celebration which is beyond an event and which is based only on knowledge, that is Guru Purnima. It is a celebration attributed to just wisdom, love and infinity!

Guru Purnima is the day when you look back and see how far you have come on the path. It is the day to see how wisdom has transformed you – where you were and where you are, now! It is the day to see the changes that have happened in your life. It is the day to feel grateful for all that you have gained, and for all that you will gain. It is the day of remembrance of that, and the day to celebrate wisdom; celebrate the role of wisdom in one’s life. It is a celebration of infinity, love and knowledge.

Celebration happens when you realize how fortunate you are. We are all so fortunate that this precious knowledge has come to us.

There is no end to wisdom. Wisdom is like infinity. Love is like infinity. You are infinity. Your body is finite, but your consciousness is infinite. You have been on this planet so many times and that is the celebration!

A day to recognize that life is a game!

When you have wisdom, you shouldn’t be too serious. Seeking wisdom, people become serious. Once you have wisdom, you don’t have to be serious because wisdom doesn’t make your life heavy, it makes it light. Wisdom is that which brings celebration to life. Wisdom makes you realize that everything is light and playful, like a game.
What is the purpose of a game? It is to express joy and not expect joy! The purpose of game is not, I play the game and at the end, I’ll get happiness. The game from the beginning to the end is joy. That is what a game is.

A day to meditate and feel gratefull

The belief from millenniums is that, when you meditate and express your gratitude on the day of Guru Purnima, more boons and gifts will be given to you. If you have any unfulfilled wish, it will come true. And this has been our experience – whatever we wished for has happened. Sometimes, even before wishing, things start to happen.

What you must remember is – wishes come true at the right time! Sometimes you may be too anxious to have it before the right time comes. The condition to this is
1. You shouldn’t be lazy. If you are lazy, and you say, let things come to me, that is not going to happen. You may wait for a whole year, then also, it won’t happen.
2. Put your 100% and relax. Always keep one thing in mind – this whole life of yours is just a dream. Anytime you feel worried or anxious, just shake your hands, wake up and realize, “Everything I did till today is like a dream. It’s all gone. Finished. In another 15-20 years this body will go back to the earth.” When you realize this, you find yourself in a beautiful space. It is fascinating to see life from a bigger perspective.

A day to ask for wisdom

If there is wisdom, there will be wealth and joy. Wisdom is something that brings joy to life. Wisdom does not bring misery. Wealth alone, can bring misery, but wealth with wisdom brings joy. So if you want to ask for something, ask for wisdom – let me have enough wisdom in life. Along with wisdom, you can ask for wealth or whatever you want. They are all like the salad dressing. You cannot just drink the dressing you see (laughter), you need salad. If you just eat only dressing, it will not taste good. All other desires are like salad dressing. You need salad, which is the filling thing, and that is what wisdom is. So, ask for wisdom and it shall be given to you. Even if you don’t ask, whatever is needed will be given to you too.

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Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's Guru Purnima Message

"The celebration of Guru Purnima is to remind you that you need to reflect on the truth that –
you are light."

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar 
speaks to devotees around the world through his heartfelt message on the occasion of Guru Purnima.





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