Why It Is Important
To Be Generous

13 Dec 2017 Bangalore, India

"Give in such a way that the other does not even feel they have taken. This is generosity, and this is beauty."

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Two Internal Tendencies

  1. Taking from another
  2. Giving to another

Which value system we are imbibing in our children is worth noting. If our children are hesitant to take or ask, then that is a sign of good values. But if they are hesitant to give, then there is something wrong there.

If people feel hesitation to put their hand out to take, that is a good sign, but if they hesitate to extend their hands out to help, then we need to change the direction society is going in. If a child is sattvic (positive state of being), s/he will always make an effort to share her/his belongings with everyone. But if the child is rajasic (restless state of being), then s/he tries to take things from everyone.

We Should Imbibe the Value of Sharing in Children

Children should feel happiness in giving and sharing, and hesitation in taking. They should feel hesitation to put their hands out and ask.

There are people who have enough, and yet they keep asking for more. This is very strange.  So, when there is an attitude to give and hesitation to take or to ask, then the direction of life has reached an elevated level. If there is hesitation to give and no shame in taking, then, comparatively, that is of a lower level of existence. And there are some people who even go to the extent of pouncing, grabbing, and seizing, which is an even lower level of existence.

Now, in this world, there are all kinds of people and all sorts of things happen. So we must not hold anyone guilty or judge anyone. The important message is that we must set an example for others, but not make another feel guilty.

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