Sri Sri Yoga Level 2

De-tox your body, de-stress your mind

Are you looking for a perfect vacation just with yourself, a chance to pamper and love your body, some time to forget all your worries and completely relax in a peaceful locale? Look forward to all this and more at the Sri Sri Yoga Level 2 Course. Four days of absolute relaxation (in a retreat setting), the course invites you to detox your body and de-stress your mind.

Now go a few steps further – with a healthier body and mind, go off the yoga mat! Learn how yoga can become a way of life and how the philosophy of yoga can help shape your life for the better.

Set off on an inward journey to experience the union of the body, mind and breath.


Key Highlights of Sri Sri Yoga Level 2

Introduction to some unique yoga processes that completely detoxify the body from within. Daily bathing cleanses your body from the outside but what about internal cleansing? These yoga processes thoroughly cleanse the digestive and respiratory system and the body feels so much lighter.

Apart from body cleansing, there’s cleansing for the mind too – taken care of by some special meditations. With a clean body and a clean mind, the entire yoga practice becomes deeper and you are sure to feel fresh and alive!

Advanced yoga postures that offer a true glimpse of how meditation can happen while doing yoga postures! They literally transport you from movement to stillness. Also, if you wish to better the postures that you learnt at the Sri Sri Yoga Level 1 Course, here’s your chance in Level 2.

Subtle Strengthening and Healing Contractions (SSaHC). Imagine how warm and loved you feel when you get a hug from a dear one? Our body too deserves to be loved and in SSaHC, we get the full opportunity to give loving attention to each and every part of our body. This special yoga technique designed by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, provides deep rest to all parts of the body while also strengthening the muscles. Try out the technique to get rid of some chronic body pain. Ritu Chaddha, Sri Sri Yoga Level 2 participant shares, “It’s an amazing technique. My body ache has completely gone!”

Introduction to advanced pranayamas (breathing techniques). If you are feeling too hot, cold, angry, or upset don't reach out for a comforter, reach within. Your breath has many secrets to offer. Unravel these secrets and learn practical tips on Level 2.

Practical knowledge from Patanjali Yoga Sutras, the ancient yoga text that holds relevance even today. Get valuable tips on how to apply yoga in day-to-day life while dealing with people and relationships, or finding ways to fight obstacles in life. Learn how a yogi reacts to a situation and live the yogic way of life.

Sri Sri Yoga Level 2 Course Format