7 tips to improve your
golf experience

The sheer love of conquering the vast green expanse with a couple of clubs and a passionate precision makes many of us give up the comfort of staying indoors on a cozy afternoon and head out to our local golf course for a game or two. The game of golf is a testing one where the players must be balanced in both – body and mind. Whether you love playing the 9 hole game or the 18 hole game, golf can enjoyed better if you are physically and mentally healthy.

Enhance your game!

While spending hours playing golf can be fun, it can also be tiring for the body. Further, lack of correct posture while playing the game increases the chances of sustaining injuries. So how does one minimize the risks while not compromising with enjoying-the-game part? The solution is simple: By practicing Yoga!

Yoga is an ancient technique that has helped people from all walks of life to enrich their body and mind to enjoy life to its fullest. Athletes, professional players, artists, and many more have benefited from this amazing practice of yoga that helps them de-stress and enhance their performance.

Whether it's the tee shot or clearing the sand bunker, a flexible body always helps perform better. Further, a good posture also helps avoiding those back aches and cramps. The Sri Sri Yoga course equip you with yoga postures and breathing techniques that can help keep injuries at bay while letting you enjoy your game even better.

Here's a list of basic yoga postures that can enhance your golfing experience:

The Sun Salutation exercise is a combination of 12 different yoga postures that helps strengthen various parts of the body including shoulders, arms, chest, legs, hamstrings and back. These postures are very useful for golf players as they strengthen almost the entire body and also boost the stamina. Practicing this set of yoga postures can help you hit a birdie like a pro!


2. Marjariasana
(Cat pose)

The Cat pose brings flexibility to the spine, strengthens wrists and shoulders, relaxes the mind and improves blood circulation. This posture is great for all the golf players as it works mostly on the upper half of the body by strengthening it and also helps keep the mind cool.


3. Adho Mukho Svanasana
(Downward facing dog pose)

The Downward facing dog pose brings strength to arms, shoulders, legs and feet. It lengthens the spine, strenghtens the muscles and increases circulation to the brain. It also helps relieve headache and fatigue which is highly possible after playing golf for a long stretch.



4. Poorvottanasana
(Upward plank pose)

The Upward plank pose strengthens the wrists, arms, shoulders, back and spine. It also stretches the legs and hips, helping you stay on the golf course with much more vigor and zest. This posture helps pull off those powerful shots by lending more strength to the wrists and arms and also helps keep problems like Golfer's elbow at bay.


5. Setu Bandhasana
(Bridge pose)

Strengthening the back muscles and relieving stress from it, calming the brain by reducing anxiety and stress are some of the benefits of the Bridge pose. This posture also stretches the chest, neck and spine, giving your body more flexibility to play golf with ease.



6. Veerbhadrasana
(Warrior pose)

The Warrior pose tones the arms, legs, lower back and also releases stress from the shoulders. It sticks true to its name by lending you courage, grace and better stamina. This pose helps enhance your game feel and experience by adding more grace to the play.

7. Shavasana
(Corpse pose)

The Corpse pose is the final resting posture that takes the body into a meditative state and helps repair tissues and cells. It leaves the body in a state of rejuvenation and reduces anxiety.



Golf players who have greater flexibility, better stamina and a calm mind stand a higher chance of being better at the game. While you may not be a professional golf player, but yoga can definitely help add more dynamism to your hobby and shield you from probable injuries. Learn more about the benefits of how yoga can enrich your life in a multi-dimensional way at a local The Sri Sri Yoga course.