Raja Yoga - What is Raj Yoga?

What is Raja Yoga?

The Royal Path or the Path of the Royals; is the path of knowledge that was given to highly evolved kings. Raja Yoga is the path of mental discipline. We have the freedom and ability to choose our inner state irrespective of the condition of the body or its surroundings. In Raja Yoga we are taught to consciously choose a tranquil inner state which permeates across every layer of our existence including the body, creating radiant health and wellness.

There are many similarities between Raja Yoga and Hatha Yoga, and both are commonly referred to as, Sadanga or Six-Limbed Yoga. The key difference is that in Raja Yoga there is greater emphasis on meditation, especially effortless meditation and living life without struggle, which is something that is constantly reiterated by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in his courses and knowledge sessions. In order to access our inner state, Raja Yoga offers numerous meditation (Dhyana) techniques. Some techniques involve attention to different energy centers in the body, which correspond to different patterns of emotions in the mind. While other techniques use sound to create resonance and healing vibrations in the system. Yet other Meditation techniques use the power of the breath to still the mind and bring it to a state of peace.

In Sri Sri Yoga, we experience a range of meditations that work on a beautiful inner transformation. After the practice of asanas and pranayamas in Sri Sri Yoga the experience of meditation is extraordinarily deep and powerful. I