Sukshma Vyayayam

Sukshma means subtle. Sukshma Yoga is that which penetrates subtle levels. It is an ancient but comparatively unknown form of Yoga and is very simple to perform. Sukshma Yoga is basically subtle yogic warm ups with gentle stretching and coordinated breathing that results in deep relaxation. This readies you for a more dynamic sequence of asanas and other physical exercises.

In Sukshma Yoga the whole body, from head to toe, is treated, relaxed and rejuvenated. External and internal body parts undergo deep transformation in this type of Yoga. These are scientific exercises that not only make us strong and supple, but also help remove impurities from the body and improve the memory, concentration and will-power. Regular practice of this type of Yoga ensures a long healthy life.

Sukshma Yoga may be practiced independently or as part of a larger Yoga plan. People of every age can practice and receive the benefits of these exercises that can be comfortably practiced within 20-30 minutes. It includes easy exercises for the eyes, tongue and jaws, neck, hands, feet, knees, ankles and hips.