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“Rahul, can you switch off your PlayStation for a while and pay attention to what I have to say?” I knew my voice fell on deaf ears. I knew somewhere that my son, who was so engrossed in the game, found it confusing to switch between the real and virtual worlds.

A common scenario in any household today. Parents want their Children to avoid watching the TV or playing hardcore action games which only induce inertness, lethargy and violence in their nature. There is an uncanny worry haunting them when they sit to think of their kid’s future.

A few years ago, I was also on the same boat, worrying about my kid’s future,until I met Shweta, a yoga teacher who used to teach at the studio round the corner. I had never seen someone so dedicated and passionate about their hobby as Shweta. She used to take yoga sessions for kids, youth and adults all day during weekends, and morning and evening during weekdays.

Rahul was very stubborn to take up the classes so I used to accompany him,only to realize that I was not the only one. I came across mothers who were thinking on the same line as mine, who cared about their children and who wanted a healthy future for their children. Shweta would bring a lot of fun factor to the yoga poses and stretches, which the kids thoroughly enjoyed.

Rahul had also now started enjoying headstands, arch poses and pranayamas, which took me to surprise! Being a mother means you start noticing even the most minor change in your kid, without the need for a microscope!

Seeing my own kid change, I am inspired to bring forth some reasons why we should encourage our children to take up yoga.

Make Yoga Fun With Your Child

  • Parents can be an ocean of inspiration for their kids. Children like to give their best shot when their parents watch them doing yoga. Encourage the practice of doing yoga with your child over the weekend, instead of them tuning into Cartoon Network.
  • Joining the Sri Sri Yoga class together with your child can be a good reason for both of you to nurture your relationship.
  • The Sri Sri Yoga also brings the flavor of meditation and human values, along with yoga.

1.  Strong foundation: As a skyscraper requires a strong foundation, so does our kids. I believe that once the child starts practicing different yoga poses on a regular basis, it learns to balance its body while also layingthe foundation for good health in the future. Yoga strengthens the body and makes the bones stronger too.

2.  Sharp kids finish first: The headstand and shoulder stands get the blood flowing to the head region, supplying more oxygen to the grey cells which start functioning better. The end result - a sharp kid who raises his finger first to answer any difficult question the teacher asks in class. 

3.  Boon to immunity: How often do we need to take our kids to the family doctor every change of season? Yoga can bring a change this season, as asanas and pranayamashelp improve the immune function.The open-chest postures expand the chest region which in turn helpsus breathe smoothly.

4.  Calm and composed: A dream of every parent to see their child as one of the quietest and most obedient. Yoga brings a flavor of calmness. I observed that Rahul had not only started lending his ear to what I had to say but was now taking a meticulous approach to his daily chores, whether it was sitting at the dining table for breakfast or giving his clothes for laundry.

5.  P for patience, P for pranayama: My weekly catch-ups with Shweta made me learn that alternate nostril breathing (nadi-shodhan pranayama) activates both the nostrils at the same time, which in turn activates the nervous system. The oxygenated blood relaxes the nervous system which brings more patience, alertness and focus. All these contribute to the child’s growth.

6.  Yoga is not just asanas: Haven’t we thought of yoga as just yoga postures or asanas? The truth is beyond it. Yoga as a package has a lot more to offer than just the yoga poses; it’s a lifestyle which very few people follow religiously. It includes food, meditation, yoga poses, and yoga philosophy or wisdom. The yoga philosophy teaches our children to practice non-violence, encourages vegetarianism and promotes good human values.


A happy mom