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  1. A person who is very close to me continuously lies and cheats. It is like second nature to him. And the lies are expressed with a straight face. Why do people do this and what will become of them? Please help, I want to put my mind at rest.

    You should remember that God loves fun.
    If everybody would have been like you, you all would be like the Ford Company. The world is not a Ford company, producing only one type of car. Even they change the model every year. God loves fun ...
  2. How do we get salvation in this life time, and how do we get rid of negative people that live with us?

    I said to leave all your problems here, but do not leave your family members who are troubling you! (Laughter)

    Once it so happened, I said the same thing in the Ashram, ‘Leave all your problems here.'
    One lady said, ‘My mother-in-law is my ...

  3. Can you please explain, how should I deal with this situation? I love a person unconditionally but that person takes me for granted. How do I deal with that pain?

    Oh, they take you for granted? They don’t love you back? They don’t express their love to you, is that the problem? Well, do not question their love.
    If you find that they are not being loving, instead of accusing them saying, ‘You do not love me’, as ...
  4. If someone provokes us, should we keep quiet or teach them a lesson? If we keep quiet then they consider it as a weakness, and if we teach them a lesson, they say that we have not grown spiritually.

    To teach someone a lesson, you should be calm. If you have anger, if you are disturbed, you cannot teach someone a lesson.
    At the same time, you cannot keep turning the other cheek all the time.
    Teach the lesson, but with compassion. This will gi ...
  5. What is the secret behind making a marriage work?

    I think you are asking the wrong person!
    There was a gentleman here from Germany and a lady from Italy. Both of them had married several times before. They came here and said, ‘Gurudev, we want your blessings. At least this marriage should work.’

  6. Dear Gurudev, love, respect and attachment, how are these three connected. How we can we keep these in balance in relationships?

    I think you have too much free time. You should get busy.
    Do not sit and worry. Love, respect, all these feelings and emotions remain in you. When your heart and mind are clear, then the right emotions will come at the right time.
    Love, respect – ...
  7. Dear Gurudev, the wise have said that if someone slaps you on one cheek, turn the other cheek as well. I got slapped twice in this bargain. What to do, is it my ignorance?

    You got slapped twice by the same person or a different person? That makes all the difference!
    You know, you can keep turning your cheek to different people and they will only slap once, that does not show you of your intelligence. Got it!
    You sh ...
  8. Gurudev, why at times do things appear to happen with a plan to disturb peace in oneself? And why do people behave irrationally in spite of our best efforts?

    Well, do you always behave rationally? Ask yourself this question. Do you behave irrationally? That is how everybody is. Everyone is nothing but a reflection of you, and you are nothing but a reflection of others. So if their behavior is immature they wil ...
  9. My husband speaks foul words when he gets angry and he gets angry easily at small things. Later on he forgets what he said and I keep on crying. Secondly, he blames me that it is because of me that he gets angry. Please suggest what to do in this situation?

    See, he says and forgets, isn’t it? He says all nasty things and forgets about it, so you also listen and forget. Instead of telling him, ‘Don’t say it, don’t say it’, and holding on to it in your heart, as and when he gets angry keep ear plugs on you and ...
  10. Gurudev, how can I free myself from thoughts, emotions and feelings and how can I get detached from all relationships?

    Why do you want to detach yourself from relationship? Because it gives you pain, isn’t it. Why does it give pain? Because you do not have a broad vision of life.
    All relationships are for a few days, few months, few years, but life is much bigger, so ...
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