10 Mar 2012 - QA 2

If I have to choose between the career of my choice and that of my parents, which one should I choose?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Negotiate with them to some extent.

Tell them that you don’t like the career they are choosing. Talk to them.

Also, if they are telling you something else, they could be telling you with some broader vision. If they have a family business to take care of, they would like you to do MBA and join the business. Now if you wish to go to some other profession, then no parent having a family business to take care will approve that, because they are worried, who will take care of the business after they are gone?

So, think and act.

Many times we get confused between our hobby and profession. We want to make our hobbies as our profession and we become careless about our profession. So, discuss with your parents or talk to your teacher or professor.