28 Dec 2011 - QA 11

Could you please explain ‘Yog Maya’ and its effect on spirituality. Also, how can you recognize it and not get drawn into its play?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Yog Maya is some spiritual experiences which you get sometimes and they are intuitive in nature and most of the time they become correct. But when you start relying on them too much; I am adding, ‘too much’; then it will start distorting the whole thing. And if you are really not hollow and empty, your own desires, your own ambitions will come up in your vision and in your dreams, and you will hear voices, and all these things can happen, and it can distort the reality.

So, Yog Maya are those little powers, those little visions, apprehensions, aberrations and intuitive visions, which are 80% true and 20% not true. But, you don’t know whether it belongs to the 20% or 80%.

So, we just take these experiences as they come.