5 Mar 2012 - QA 16

Guruji, I love you a lot. But whenever I come in front of you, tears start rolling down my eyes. Is there something wrong with me?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

No, it is absolutely fine. There is nothing wrong with tears rolling down your eyes. It is very natural and good. There is no problem with it.

When the heart blossoms then tears come, this is very natural.

What happens when you come close to one who is dear to you, close to the Guru?

There is a shloka in the Upanishads which says, 'Bhidhyathe hridaya granthi, Chidhyanthe sarva samshayaah, Ksheeyanthe cha asya karmaani, Tasmin drista paraavare’

The knots in the hearts are undone, questions and doubts in the mind vanish, karmas are washed away, by being the presence of a loved one or a Guru or a Gyaani.

This has been said. This means what is written in the Upanishad is true!