9 Dec 2011 - QA 3

Guruji, when things change from ‘I want to do it’ to ‘I will have to do it’, it becomes very difficult to act. What to do in such situations?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

If you have a commitment then you better do it.

Otherwise you will not be able to do anything because the mind is your most unreliable friend.

The mind says something now and a little later it says something else. You can rely on your friend better than on your own mind.
You make a commitment and if you say, ‘I have to complete this and I must’, then life moves in the right direction. If you just act by the whims and fancies of your mind it will take you nowhere.

You want to become a doctor and you enrolled into a medical college but after two years if you don’t want to do it then say, ‘I have to do it.’

Better you do it and complete it. Otherwise one year medical, another year engineering, another year law and another year you will do chemistry and you will get nowhere. You will neither be an engineer, nor a doctor or a lawyer because you did it all for just one year because your mind wanted to. Commitment is essential in life.

When you come for an Advance Course the first day you like it but the second day you say, ’Oh my God! This is so boring, this hollow and empty thing. Who wants to know what is hollow and what is not hollow. Why should I torture myself with all this meditation in motion?’

You feel like going out a bit and having some fun. No! If you have made a commitment, complete it.

Now if it becomes really impossible for you to keep your commitment, then you can get out of it after giving your 100%.

If you feel that the commitment is not leading you anywhere and you make the commitment from a state of ignorance and now it is becoming hell every day, then I’d say, okay! You have given your 100% and it is not working, you can move on.

You can get rid of your commitment and make a new commitment.