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  1. The Ways Of The Wise- #AskSriSri

    Feb 23 2014
    Twitter Town Hall - Online Event (Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (@SriSri) held a live town hall session on Sunday, February 23rd at the Art of Living Ashram in Bangalore to connect with followers real-time. From Bollywood celebrities to cricketers, Art of Living fo ...
  2. It Is All In The Present Moment

    Nov 19 2013
    Bangalore, India the-present-moment-.jpg Gurudev, there are two aspects to the present moment. One is that it is vast and infinite, as well as deep. There are so many things happening at the same instant. What is its other dimension or dimensio ...
  3. Your Good Is In Being Good

    Nov 6 2013
    Bangalore, India your-heart-new-jpg.jpg Gurudev, people criticize others behind their backs all the time. What happens to such people? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: If the criticism is superficial, then let it be.We just talked about the Navarasas (the ...
  4. The Real Thief Is Ignorance

    Jun 3 2013
    Bangalore, India nature_01_1.jpg (Below is a continuation of the post The Shine In The Sunshine) Lord Krishna says to Arjuna, 'Moghasa mogha-karmano mogha-jnana vichetasah. Rakshasim asurim chaiva prakrtim mohinim-sritah. (9.12) Man has three ...
  5. Who Is A Mahatma?

    Jun 4 2013
    mahatma.jpg (Below is a continuation of the post The Real Thief Is Ignorance) In the next verse, the Lord says, 'Mahatmanas tu mam partha daivim prakrtim asritah. Bhajanti ananya-manaso jnatva bhutadim avyayam'. (9.13) Lord Krishna says, ‘The n ...
  6. Developing Intuitive Abilities

    Dec 4 2013
    Bangalore, India intuition_04.jpg   Gurudev, is there really some power such as intuition? And if yes, how can we gain that power? What is the secret? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Yes, of course you can. You can develop your intuition through regular me ...
  7. Strengthening The Mind

    Jan 27 2014
    Bangalore, India cravings_01.jpg Gurudev, what is stronger, mind, body or soul? How can I use these three in a good way? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: The soul has its own strength, the mind has its own strength and the body has its own position. Every ...
  8. Can You Stop Complaining?

    Dec 27 2013
    Boone, North Carolina strange.jpg When there is celebration, singing, dancing and meditation, questions do not arise. ‘What is the purpose of life? What is the meaning of all this?’ These questions arises only when ‘this’ is not there, or when ...
  9. Moving Through Chaos With A Smile

    Dec 28 2013
    Boone, North Carolina knowledge.jpg Read Celebrating Silence and Celebrating Love.You must keep reading knowledge. Those who have not heard Ashtavakra Gita, you must hear it. It will make you emotionally and spiritually strong.If you’ve heard A ...
  10. Четыре способа взглянуть на обиду

    Nov 28 2013
    hurt_1.jpg Как продолжать любить, ничего не ожидая? Разве это возможно? В любви возникают какие-то ожидания, и если они не оправдываются, то приходит обида, душевная боль. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Да, вы должны пройти через эту гимнастику. Если у ...
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