Aug 8,2011-QA 4

Guruji, how can I control anger?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Tell me when do you get angry? (Ans – when something happens which I don’t like)
Yes, now tell me in the world only those things that you like should happen? How boring it should be, isn’t it. See when you cannot accommodate imperfections that is when you get angry, right! You want everybody to be like you, so perfect? No!
First we don’t recognize our imperfection, and then we get angry. We think we are perfect all the time so we are angry at other’s imperfections, number one. So first see you may also be imperfect. They are imperfect now but you may be imperfect in other places. Then your patience is better, you have more patience. Do you see what I am saying? Awareness of your imperfections.
Second is give time to others to be perfect, accept their imperfection. Okay, let them take their time, if not now then the next two, three years they will change. So giving others the time to change.
Third, it is okay to have some imperfections, got it! Accepting imperfection in situations and in others. So these are the three ways in which you can overcome anger.
The fourth way is just dispassion, knowing everything is going to finish, it’s okay doesn’t matter. Do you see what I am saying?
If you want to say the fourth one you can say, everything is going to finish, you are going to die, everybody is going to die, so what! If they keep the pillow this side or that side, doesn’t matter. Got it! If there are wrinkles in the sheet below you, doesn’t matter. If you have broken a dozen glasses, it doesn’t matter, anyways everything is going to finish, correct. So see the futility of things in a broader light, in a bigger picture. Then also you will have a say over your anger, okay!