Aug 9, 2011 - QA1

I think it’s really amazing and it touches me that you have chosen to come and sit with us. Time has been very difficult in our life and my question is that when you wake up one day and you see that society has changed in a bitter way, in a way that you never expected, what is the best way to continue that day?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

You know in society there are all different types of people. We should not label society, as this is what it is, right! So now you saw the demonstration of love was so obvious. Not that it was not there but before it was there underneath. So we cannot label a society good or bad or not good, we simply see what we can do to better our environment. How we can contribute rather than expecting what others will do to us. I feel that this is a good attitude to begin with, okay?
You know when I heard about the disaster here, I said I must come to Oslo, so just within a weeks time I cancelled my other programs as I was booked this week. I said I must go somehow, though it is a short trip.
And in a week’s time it was good that all of us could come together and meditate. Even these 20 minutes that we meditated you know how much positive vibration we have created here. It’s really commendable.