Aug 9, 2011 - QA7

Thank you for coming here today and I appreciate it very much and I know all of us do. I want to speak a little bit about imagination. Someone said that if one person is unhappy I couldn’t become totally happy. I think it was a poet from Britain - Shirley.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Imagination is mother of creativity. You want to be creative first you need to imagine, this is number one. Second, you don’t have to see that I will never be happy unless everyone in the world becomes happy. If a doctor says I can’t be healthy unless everyone becomes healthy, then who will make the others healthy? Suppose if the doctor himself falls sick what will happen to the patient? So in order to make people happy you should be happy. If you are happy you can make others happy. It is not the other way around. You can’t say I can’t be happy because everybody else is unhappy. It’s like doctors are saying I can’t be healthy because everyone else is sick in the hospital. Got it? So if others are sick, never mind, you be happy and make others happy; spread your happiness. You can only spread what you have. If you are happy you can spread happiness. If you yourself are upset, angry, dejected, unhappy, how can you help others? Yes!
So how do you find your inner happiness? By going deep inside; meditating. For few minutes cutting off from your environment and realizing your center, that is so stable and strong; beautiful! Getting to your own center you get to the souse of happiness. Then you come out and spread that happiness with everybody. This is what spirituality is all about; attending to that spirit which is the source of happiness, beauty, peace, love and joy. And then come out and spread that to people all around you.