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  1. 8 Success Meditation Mantras for Women Entrepreneurs

    Meditation gives you a happy mind to work better You are able to present creative solutions to challenges when you meditate If you are a woman entrepreneur looking for more success and better results, here's a secret tool that will help you get there ...
  2. Become the Writer You Aspire to Be

    Meditate and find yourself stringing beautiful sentences You stare at the blank paper. Either nothing comes to the mind or there’s a traffic jam of thoughts and you just don’t know how to begin! Or sometimes you know what to write but the right words may ...
  3. Mind behind Cricket: Take your Game to the Next Level

    Meditation acts like the famous switch off-switch on technique that players often use to calm themselves Cricket is more than just the bat and field. There is a strong spirit that says, ‘WE WILL WIN THE TROPHY AT THE END OF IT.’ There is a burning desire ...
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