Jan 24 2015 - Feb 1 2015
Weekend 6:30am - 9:30pm
Art of Living Austin Center,
Suite C104,
5555 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, Texas, United States, 78751

Poonam Tandon

Course Fees:


Course will be spread out over 2 weekends
Jan 24-25 - 6:30am to 9:30pm
Jan 31-Feb1 - 6:30am to 9:30pm

Pre requisites for this course:

1. Your local ART OF LIVING/YES+ course teacher's name who is recommending you for this course. Please send it to me by email copying it to the recommending teacher.
2. Should have completed at least 1 ART OF SILENCE course .
3. Should be free of any alcohol and recreational drug usage


This is a non-residential course. If you have questions on Accommodation please contact the course coordinator.

Course Expenses:
The Course Expense of $125 has to be paid separately, by check or cash upon arrival.

Registration Steps :
1. Sign up on secure(after talking to your local recommending teacher)
2. Send an email to with the recommending teacher's full name ccing the recommending teacher.
3.*** Please pay the Expense fees - $125, separately via cash or check to Shraddha Iyer *********
4. Jan 24 - Sign in: 6:15 a.m. , Session will start: 6:30a.m.

If you have any questions, call Shraddha Iyer at 512-522-1008 or talk to your local YES+/Art of Living teacher.

About the Volunteer Training:

After taking this course one improves communication, public speaking skills,feels comfortable, energized and enthusiastic working in a team. All these strengths can be geared toward community building and canvassing community projects. If you want to learn how to be a confident strong volunteer and leader who can speak easily about the benefits of the Art of Living programs and improve your communications skills for your personal and professional life, then this course is for you. AND IT IS FUN!

The course is taught on two consecutive weekends; all day long with processes and meals.


After receipt of your payment, you will receive an email confirmation with more details regarding the course.

Other FAQs:

I do not have plans to become a teacher, why should I attend?

This course is for anyone who would like to improve their ability to talk about and promote Art of Living programs. In the process we learn how to be more skillful in communicating that which we hold most dear to us. It just so happens that it is part of the training to become a teacher.

However you are not obligated to become a teacher after you complete this course!

What about people who have busy lives(work,family,etc) ?

During this program we learn how to be of service within the context of our current lives. We learn how to creatively reach out to others and promote whatever cause is close to our hearts.

The course itself is just 2 weekends(Sat and Sun) and we learn in a very concise, crisp manner. This course is just as much for the "busy" people as those with ample time!

I am not very good at public speaking, is this for me?

Absolutely. The only way to improve is to practice. Our practice sessions are done in a very supportive environment and mostly in small groups. After the two weekends you will be amazed how much more confident you will be in your ability to speak to others, whether one on one, small groups, or larger audiences.

I have no issues speaking in public, what will I learn?

Whether you are an accomplished speaker or not, we learn the different ways and styles of communication. How to recognize them and know when to use them. Ultimately we improve our clarity and we connect more deeply at the feeling level when we speak.

Apart from speaking/communication skills, is there anything else I will learn?

Lots! Seriously, greater personal clarity comes from participating in this program. We walk away with a much more refined understanding what motivates us to be in service and how to better tap that motivation. We learn how to be better leaders and better team players. We recognize and dissolve barriers that keep us from bei