How to Calm Down and Stay Calm: Your Breath Holds the Key

Looking for an easy way to calm down and stay calm? Try these easy breathing exercises and guided meditation to relieve stress and increase calm.

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Are you feeling agitated, anxious, or angry? Or just simply disheveled and uneasy? You are not alone! What the world needs now more than ever is CALM. But how do we calm down? And how do we stay calm

It might sound simplistic to say, “calm is only a breath away,” but read on to see that there is way more to your breath than you might think!

A few deep breaths can help calm stressful moments

deep breath

It’s almost a cliche to say, “Just take a deep breath.” But it is backed by science

Beyond whatever science has proven, you may have noticed your breathing patterns naturally change when your emotions change. When we are sad we sigh more. Feeling angry or having a panic attack increases our breath rate. And when we are happy, our breath is light and effortless. The reverse is also true! How we breathe affects our body’s stress response and our emotions.

Let’s learn some simple breathing exercises to relieve stress and feel calmer. 

How to calm down quickly

Stressful situations call for relaxation techniques that work quickly and can be done anywhere. We know that physical activity can reduce stress, but sometimes we just don't have the time or space to exercise.

But there is a solution.

Allow me to introduce victory breath, or Ujjayi (oo-jai) breath in Sanskrit. Victory breath earned its name because it gives you victory over your thoughts and emotions.

It’s super simple to learn. Just watch this short video, and you will be the victor over stress!

Victory breath 101

Progressive muscle relaxation techniques

Now that you know how to breathe with victory breath, let’s talk progressive muscle relaxation. Otherwise known as a body scan or Yoga Nidra (nee-drah) in Sanskrit, this technique has many variations. Commonly used at the end of a yoga session or right before bed for sleep problems, body scans relax both the mind and body effortlessly.

muscle tension

Generally, a body scan begins with lightly paying attention to your feet, your ankles, knees, and continuing upward through the body, until you reach the top of your head. You can breathe deeply with each part of the body or use victory breath throughout. 

Try playing calming music quietly in the background to further enhance your relaxation.

Want a body scan guided meditation? Try this one, led by Art of Living founder, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Deep breathing and blood pressure

One tell-tell sign that you are not maintaining enough calm in your life is high blood pressure. Though many other things can contribute to blood pressure issues, the human stress response is one of them. A stressful situation needs a quick remedy, so that your blood pressure doesn’t increase unnecessarily. 

Try deep breathing in the form of straw breath. 

This is a relaxation technique that even children can do! 

Straw breathing technique to calm anxiety and panic

Note: Straw breath can help lower blood pressure in the moment, but is not a substitute for blood pressure medication.

Emotional health = mental health

When we feel anxious or angry, or are feeling stressed in any way, our mental health can suffer. Sometimes, we are better at taking care of our dental health than our mental health. Most of us go to the dentist regularly, but far fewer of us take the time to see a mental health professional.

Instead, we feel anxious and we eat junk food, or we veg in front of the TV. We feel angry, and we shout with clenched fists. We rarely think much about how to reduce anxiety and stress, or ways to calm ourselves, until we start to feel the impact of negative thoughts and emotions.

Managing stress and anxiety is easy when we incorporate breath and meditation.

How can breathing help with chronic stress?

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Stressful situations come and go, but chronic stress will eat away at any chance you have to feel calmer. Fortunately, there is something that can combat stress like nothing else! 

SKY Breath Meditation has the ultimate calming effect on both the mind and body.

Research shows that SKY Breath Meditation:

  1. Significantly reduces stress and anxiety

  2. Helps maintain healthy blood pressure

  3. Increases life satisfaction

  4. Reduces PTSD

  5. Gives greater mental focus

How to stay calm in the face of everyday stresses

It’s really wonderful to know how to use different kinds of deep breathing to calm down quickly. But what about staying calm and rooted in the present moment day in and day out? This is where SKY Breath Meditation comes to the rescue! 

A regular SKY practice cultures your nervous system to withstand stressful situations. You don’t just bounce back, stress doesn’t stick to you in the first place. Now that’s stress management worth having!

Unlock the power of your breath now

Before another stressful situation robs you of your calm, take a few moments to reserve your spot in our next free breath and meditation session (online). We will fill you in on SKY Breath Meditation, and how it has helped millions of people around the world to find calm every day. 

During the session, you will learn a breathing exercise known for its calming effects, while also energizing you with more focus. You will also experience a live guided meditation that will leave you feeling calm and content.

Don't let stress and anxiety keep you from feeling calm.  Click on the image below to register today!

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