1 December 2012 - QA 3

Gurudev, can you please speak on surrender? I feel that surrender makes me a bit ignorant.

When I look back at the past, I see that whenever I had to take a decision or some action, I would think that everything is being handled by Gurudev so he will do everything. Therefore instead of doing what I am supposed to do in that situation, I would believe that whatever has to happen will happen on its own.

So please advise me on what kind of surrender I should have so that I do not become ignorant.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Both sankalpa (taking a firm resolve or wish for some action) and surrender go together. Once you have done your 100% and there is nothing more you can do, then you surrender.

Having done your part, you can surrender your desire for the fruit of the action. But not doing anything will not help achieve anything. We should do whatever we are supposed to do 100%, and then we should surrender the desire for the fruit of our action to the Divine.
We should surrender keeping in mind this feeling that whatever is best for us should come to us. We should make all our efforts and then surrender the desire for the fruit of our action to the Divine. Do you understand what I am saying?

You should not simply sit by yourself and think, ‘Oh, I have surrendered, so everything will happen automatically.'

That state of perfection, Siddhavastha, happens very gradually and takes time.

When you become so strong in your Sadhana (spiritual practices) that no cravings or aversions remain within you, and neither are there any desires – then such a state is called Naishkarma Siddhi (the extraordinary ability to attain or achieve something without doing any action for it).

That is, a state in which your work and wishes get fulfilled without having to make efforts for it. However, until that state comes, we must continue to act and do our work.

In the state of Siddhavastha you grow so deep in devotion that you do not have to strive or make efforts for anything. Even before thinking your wishes get fulfilled.

How many of you here have had this experience? (Many devotees raise hands in the audience)
See, it is indeed happening already.

Now, how can we attain this state? As we continue to go deeper and grow more on the spiritual path, we become more contented. The more contented we become, that much more will we be able to receive such siddhis (extraordinary abilities).

Having siddhis is not a thing of the past or the future. It is something that can be achieved in the present itself. However, such abilities are currently veiled, and that curtain will fall away slowly and slowly. As this curtain raises more and more, we will find such abilities manifesting in us effortlessly.