1 December 2012 - QA 5

Gurudev, what if my choice is different than the conventional way.

People say, ‘You should marry, have children, have property, etc.', which is the conventional way. If I want to deviate from it, I am constantly told that I am wrong.

I don’t see that as wrong as I have a choice. I should always have a choice. What to do in this case? How do you go against the family, society and still stand and be happy and make your own choices?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

es, it is a very tough thing to do. You have to convince your parents that you don’t want to do what everybody else is doing.

You know what? What would be best is to keep an open mind about all these aspects. Not be rigid. Just to have an open mind and play it by the ear. I feel that would be a better way to look at it.

You know in a marriage and in a family, there is always some compromise required. You can’t only say, ‘My way.' You have to take some middle path. You have to take the other partner’s concern as well. So, in life always there is some compromise.

So keep an open mind.

In any case, do not lose your joy and your happiness.

There are people who are single, who are not married and they are not happy. And there are people who are married and they are not happy. So, both the situations are not so good.
I would say, whether you are married or not married, be happy however you are. This is essential.

People who do not have children, they cry day and night and they are not happy. And there are people who have children and they are also not happy.

So your happiness should be delinked from the circumstances or situations. Don’t think, ‘Oh, only when I look good, I will be happy. If I am getting old, I will not be happy’, no!
Make one thing for sure, 'Come what may I am going to be happy and contented.'