10 October 2012 - QA 5

My son has been diagnosed with bipolar for five years. He is my only son and I have been suffering every moment of his pain. I was a very happy woman before this but now I am on 150mg of anti-depressants.

Now, I want you to assure me there will be no sicknesses like manic depression or any other sicknesses that are incurable.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Yes, I understand your pain.

Sometimes a little depression comes and a person is given heavy doses of medicines and then it becomes worse. I have seen this happening.

Small simple depression turns into manic depression and then they put them on Lithium.
The whole medical fraternity is so confused about this issue. That is why mental health is so important.

All of you here, you should put your children and your friend’s children into the Art Excel, YES and YES+ programs. Somehow make them do pranayama and meditation.

Do you know how this happens? First there is a little stress in the mind, and then that starts building up and building up and then it becomes so big that it snaps all the important connections in the brain. That is how the whole thing starts.

We need to attend to this at a very early stage. Prevention is better that cure. And to prevent this you need to keep your children happy and teach them how to handle their negative emotions and the negativity in them. This is very important.