13 July 2012 - QA 3

(A member of the audience spontaneously asked a question which was inaudible in the recording)

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

You have no choice. Do you have any choice? Sooner or later everybody has to do that.

You cannot take credit for your good qualities because that is how you are. Now this sunflower cannot say, ‘I am yellow.’ It didn’t do anything to become yellow. It is made yellow.

A rose cannot say, ‘Oh look, I am so pink! I made myself pink.’ How can you make yourself pink? Any good qualities, talents you have, you cannot take credit for it because that is how you are made. And the way I am, that is how I am made.

Of course you should not take debit for your negative qualities either. And you can’t take credit for your positive qualities. So however you are that is how you are.

If you are rebellious then make good use of that rebelliousness. Wherever there is injustice, fight! But fight with a smile. Fight with Me! (Laughter).

Fight against illiteracy. Fight against injustice. Fight against lack. Go ahead, fight! And in the course of fighting there are always ups and downs. Never mind. You shouldn’t mind it. Think, ’Okay, come what may, fight!’

That is why you need to identify your Dharma (Duty) . If your Dharma is to teach, or to fight, or to convince, or to serve; whatever your Dharma is, and your nature at that moment, you should go with that.

You can do all the four also, you can try. First you teach and educate. If it is not possible then try to convince; use marketing techniques. So convince and coerce them, cajoling and all that. And if that doesn’t work then serve them. And if nothing works, then fight! Got it? Use all these steps, okay!

Whatever is natural for you, that is your Dharma. Like she says that rebelliousness is natural for her, she can rebel (referring to a member in the audience). Every moment she can rebel against anything, anywhere. So that is her Dharma.

So you identify your Dharma. It becomes obvious. You become absolutely at home and feel comfortable doing it.

See, all of these are difficult. Do you think teaching is easy? My goodness, it is such a big headache. In Telugu language there is a saying – A Teacher is supposed to teach a student and forget what he has learnt, because without forgetting what he has learnt he has no liberation.

You learn, but you should forget all that and become totally hollow and empty. So a teacher is supposed to learn and whatever he has learnt in whichever field, he has to pass it on to the disciple and forget about it. Before that he cannot forget. So this is the rule of a teacher – Learn, teach and forget.

Anyway nature will make you do it. As you become old you start forgetting everything, isn’t that so? As you become old and old and old, you forget everything.

Now there is a very funny saying in Telugu – Having made you my student, having taught you, I lost my reputation. You could never learn and I could never forget! (Laughter)
Because if someone asks, ‘Who is your Guru, who is your teacher?’ You will say that so-and-so is my teacher. And what has he taught you? So having taken you as my student, I lost my reputation. You could never learn, I could never forget.

So teaching is not an easy job. And fighting is not an easy job too; it is a tough job. Convincing and cajoling is not an easy job. And serving is also a great challenge. You do all good things to serve people and still they blame you, yes!

You do all that is possible, all the good things; whatever you do, still you can’t make someone happy. So serving is also not an easy job.

So anything you take, if you see from one angle, it is all so difficult. So you think, ‘Okay everything is difficult, but still let me do it and keep quiet.’ But is that easy? That is even more difficult. So doing something is not easy and not doing anything is also not easy.

So, Jai Jai Radha Raman Hari Bol!