18th December 2012 - QA 7

Gurudev, I am 70 years old and I talk about your grace wherever I go.
I have come here with full faith and gratefulness. My sons have sent me and told me to spread your knowledge amongst people, in every house, and in every village.
Since the past six years I am going from house to house spreading this knowledge.
When I organized a course in Pritampura, I did not leave a single house or block uncovered and as a result 113 people did the Art Of Living Yoga course.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Just see the enthusiasm of this mother.

You should not say, ‘Oh, I cannot do this, I have become so old and aged.'

Even in old age you can talk to people around you and help cleanse people’s minds.

With the aging body, you cannot clean a room as you do not have the strength; but with words at least you can cleanse people’s minds.

So, we can all do a lot.

Stop thinking, 'What will they think about me?’ Just be shameless and do service.
People who want to think will keep doing so; their work is only to think. Even if you do something good, people will criticize. They will think negative about you also, because that is all that some people can do. But if by your words at least some people’s minds get cleansed then that is good.

We should not waste our time. No matter where we may go, we should always be in this knowledge. Then our enthusiasm does not reduce in life. Otherwise you will continue crying that you did not get this, or you did not get that; or you have some illness or the other.

In life, with this physical body, something or the other happens all the time. Sometimes you might suffer from a headache, or you might catch a cold, or your tummy might get upset due to over-eating.

Recently I read a report in some paper that rather than people dying of starvation, the number of people dying from over eating is more.