21 August 2013 - QA 11

Gurudev, a few days back I saw you wearing glares. Then I thought that to shield us from the harsh sunlight of life, you have given us the goggle of Sudarshan Kriya. I want to know when I can wear the hat of enlightenment.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Enlightenment is not like some hat, that you can wear when you like and take off when you like. Neither is it like the hair on your head that you can trim and cut off when it grows too long. It is the glow of the light within you which can never diminish or disappear. It neither grows nor diminishes. It simply ‘is’. You just have to become aware and recognize it. The moment you become still and repose within your Self, you will recognize it instantly.

That is why there is a saying in Sanskrit – ‘Pratya-bhigya Hridaya’. It means to recognize that inner light, to become aware of the light from within.