24th January 2013 - QA 10

Gurudev, how to ensure that a person does not take you for granted in a relationship?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Don't worry about it, it is quite natural.

People take you for granted because they think you belong to them already, and so they only attend to people who are guests.

You are a part of the family, why should anybody tell you, 'Have you had coffee? Are you going to eat now?' It is not normal!

If someone asks a little too many questions, then also you will doubt, 'Why are they giving me so much attention. Something must be wrong.' You start doubting.

The other day, one gentleman told me, 'Gurudev, when I attend to my wife, and be a little nicer to her, she starts doubting, she says that there is something wrong and asks me, 'What is the matter? You must have done something wrong. You are not being honest.' If I am normal, then she says that I ignore her. What to do Gurudev?'

So when someone wants to doubt you, in any case, they will start doubting you.

He said, 'It is very hard. If I come half an hour late, she sits on an enquiry commission, 'Where did you go? What time did you leave office? What happened? She will ask me all these questions.'

That is why I say, we need to learn to how to handle our own mind.

It is the mind which plays so many tricks on you. Your mind could be your best friend if it is under your reins, and it is your worst enemy, if you are under the influence of your own mind.