25 July 2014 - QA 3

Since I am in Art of Living I try to overcome my aggression. I do all the practises but sometimes I again feel very strong aggression. Could you tell me what to do.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

When the cloth is very clean, even a little dirt appears very big on it. Similarly, when the mind is very calm, even if a little bit of something comes up it is very over powering. This is normal. If the cloth is all dirty one more dot, some more dust does not make a big difference. But it makes a difference when it is getting much cleaner.
So in this sense, when you have moved away from aggression, sometimes if an old impression pops up notice the quality of it, it will be different. Before you were aggressive and the aggression stayed for long. Now also, some time you get that but you immediately become aware and you move away from it, isn't it?
This is a stage and to move away from this stage, more meditation will help. No need to worry.