25 July 2014 - QA 5

What is faith?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

That which withstands all doubts is faith. Your doubt is always about something that is POSITIVE. You doubt the honesty of somebody, you never doubt the dishonesty of someone. You doubt the love of somebody, not the hate of anyone. You doubt your happiness, you never doubt your depression. Has anybody ever doubted their depression? Have you ever said, 'Wait, let me see, am I depressed or not'. You are so sure of depression! This is the nature of doubt. And faith is that something which even doubt cannot overshadow.

Once a journalist asked me, 'Don’t beat around the bush, I want to ask a direct question. Are you enlightened?'
I just looked at him and smiled. If I say 'Yes' I have to prove it, so why take the headache of proving it. So I said 'No'.
He said, 'You are kidding. I want a serious answer'.
I said, 'When I say no, it is finished, no more conversation', yet he kept on insisting.
I then said, 'Ask your heart. Is your heart telling you that I am not telling the truth?'
He said, 'Yes'.
'So, what is that something inside you that is telling you this? Listen to that voice. Why do you ask me?'