25 May 2012 - QA10

Whenever I sit for Sadhana, my mind wanders here and there. What should I do to control the mind?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Listen, consider your life itself as your Sadhana. Think of your whole life as your Sadhana.

Where does the mind wander? It goes wherever it finds fulfillment. So observe the next time this happens, ‘Is my mind wandering to where I find fulfillment?’

In this way, when you observe and reason using knowledge, you will find the mind is neither there, nor there, nor there, and then the mind becomes quiet and settles down. Then it reposes in the Self.

That is why there are so many CDs on meditation and techniques given. Keep doing these. But meditation alone will not help. Knowledge along with mediation will help settle the mind.