30th October 2012 - QA 4

Gurudev, many times the mind suppresses the voice of intuition. What do we do to enhance our intuition?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

There are three types of knowledge that we acquire.

The first type of knowledge is called Indriya Janya Gyan. This is the knowledge that comes from the five senses, which is seeing from the eyes, hearing from the ears, smelling by the nose, tasting by the tongue and touch.

This is the most basic or fundamental knowledge.

Higher that this is the knowledge that is acquired through the intellect - this is called Buddhi Janya Gyan - the intellectual knowledge.

And even more superior that this is the knowledge that comes from within, through effortless Intuition, i.e., without the help of our five senses. This knowledge blossoms from deep within ourselves.

So these are the three levels of knowledge.

Knowledge gained through the intellect is superior to that received through the senses. And even more superior to that is the knowledge gained by intuition.

As we grow and mature, knowledge becomes more subtle and refined, because the mind also matures and becomes more subtle. The mind becomes more and more free from cravings and aversions, and then the subtle knowledge becomes available to us.