3rd January 2013 - QA 2

How do I find the right balance between striving for improvement and being contented with who I am and what I am doing?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Do you know how to ride a bicycle? Exactly like that!

When you want to have balance, you will definitely have it. Just this thought, 'I want to balance my life', is good enough. You are already moving in that direction.

Now when this question arises, ‘How do I do it?’ Know you can do it.
Ask yourself, your consciousness will tell you.

‘I am not balanced, I am missing out on this’, your consciousness will say it. Then you listen to your consciousness.

If you are attending to your work too much then your consciousness will prick. ‘Hey you are forgetting your family, your wife, your children, your husband’
Then you say, ‘Okay I will attend to them’

If you’re getting too immersed in the family and forget about all other things then your consciousness will prick, ‘My god what have I got into, what did I get into, day and night I’m just immersed in family affairs, I’m not being useful to the world, I have to do something I have to pursue my cause, I have to do justice to my work’. The mind will prick. Then you do that.

This wanting to keep balance in life, that very thought is good enough. It is like the fuse in the electrical system, whenever the electric current surges too much the fuse will break and save everything else. Like that a little amount of guilt must be there like the fuse in the system.

You don’t justify but that little bit is okay to have, like the fuse in an electric system. You know about the electric system and know that in the electrical board there’ll be one small box called fuse. So whenever there is an imbalance in current, the fuse will burst and save the rest of the electrical system. Like that in life, a little bit of guilt is okay but not too much.

Like salt in the food. If there is too much salt can you eat it? No. Got it? So wanting to have balance is good.