9 July 2012 - QA 7

Guruji, how can one have peace if one has made mistakes in life? Tell us how to deal with mistakes in life.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

You know in the beginning days of The Art of Living, one of my first trips was to Switzerland, and I stayed with a few people. Now, one of the ladies I stayed with had this trouble of relating to two realities.

A group of people, all of them thought that KGB (Committee of State Security – Russia) has implanted some mike in their brain and they were recording all their thoughts. And they would say, ’Is it safe to talk here?’

I would look around and say, ‘This is your own house. Why would you not think it very safe to talk here?’

They would say, ’They are hearing in Moscow.’

Those were the days of the Cold Era. The Cold War was still on. The Berlin wall was very much intact, it had not fallen apart. And Russia was not Russia; it was USSR and there was so much paranoia in them all.

When someone goes away, it may be their own friends or their own relatives, they would say, ‘Do you know that guy (pointing at their friend or relative) who went is a KGB agent.’

‘So, he is your own brother.’

‘No! KGB has implanted a mike in his head.’

And the whole 15 to 20 of them, who ever had come, all of them were like this. They were all on some medication.

They were in two realities – Schizophrenic, Bi-Polar, some defects they all had.

I just sat there and thought, ‘Oh my God! Where have you brought me?’ Completely different world I tell you. It was a world which was so different because their thoughts were so different. Their beliefs were completely different, and they sincerely believed that the KGB was recording their thoughts. Only two of them thought CIA was doing it for them; it was most hilarious.

And this lady built one room for me upstairs because I was coming, it was a big thing. So I had a separate room, everything new, everything separate, everything for me, and in the middle of the night, at 1 o’clock or so, she comes and knocks at my room and says, ‘I have to write this house in your name now. I have to gift this to you.’

I said, ‘My dear, you go sleep, tomorrow we can talk about it.’

She said, ‘No! I have to do it right now!’

I said, ’You see, I don’t accept any gifts. If it is in your name, it is as good as being with me, you go rest now.’ In those days, I was not accepting any such gifts.

And she was all worked up and she went to clean the bathroom. And she was cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, for five hours, and the water ran all over the house.
She opened the taps and the water ran through the entire house, everywhere, and she was still cleaning.

Of course next day we had to call the doctor. She could not rest.

She would make little, little, nice gifts. She needed to do something, she could not sit quiet. She and her friend they would make nice little paper bags with biscuits, and make gifts for all. If there were 20 people, she would make gifts for 200 people, because she had to keep doing something.

I would say, ‘Rest! Relax!’

‘How can I rest? I want to do this.’

‘Okay do it.’ Very interesting! But very nice people, with a good heart.

In one sense they are very intelligent, but they cannot connect to this reality. They cannot bridge the two realities.

You know, usually when the saints were told that somebody got enlightened, they would first ask, ‘Have they gone crazy?’ That is the question they would ask.

That is why the people who say, ‘Oh, I am bringing up your kundalini, you just do this’, you should stay away from all these people. They can just trigger some points in you or some energy in you and you may feel good for one or two days and then the fuse goes. Then you become completely crazy. You can’t relate to reality.

So, if any one promises, ‘Oh! I am going to awaken your kundalini’, and all that, then just tell them, ‘I am quite awake, I don’t want to go there.’

So, you should stay away from all these kind of people.

This is the best thing; see how step by step we move forward. Just look back and see before Sudarshan Kriya, what was your state of mind? And what it is now? See how much you have progressed. And then with Hollow and Empty Meditation, step-by-step, a natural blossoming of life is happening. You are finding yourself more and more happier. Isn’t it?

How many of you agree with that? (Everyone raises their hands)

See, this is the way we must go. Naturally!