9 October 2012 - QA 8

Gurudev, often at the work place when there are a lot of pending things to do, the mind becomes restless and we feel lost and do not know what is happening. At such times what to do?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Make a list of all that you have to do and then prioritize. And in between those priorities, keep meditation as one item.

You must have the faith that all your wishes will be fulfilled, and with that feeling sit for meditation for a little while.

Lord Krishna has promised that 'One who directs his mind and intellect towards Me, I am always close to him and he is always close to me.' So just remember this.

We must take a resolve to meditate every day for a little while. Then God will surely fulfill our prayers. In fact then we have the right to demand as well.

It is like, when you collect enough points, you can then claim those points.

So when you do seva, then you get points which you can claim.

Many times when I go to some Satsang outside, people blackmail me in this way! (Laughter)
When I go to my room to rest after the event gets over then also people come at 11 or 12 in the night for Darshan. They will tell me, ‘These people have done so much seva and have come to seek your blessings. Please meet them Gurudev.’

Then I say, ‘Okay, I will come.’

Because they have done so much seva, I have no choice but to give Darshan! (Laughter)

So in this way we must keep increasing our points.

That is how a devotee can make God fulfill his prayers. God has no choice but to fulfill the work of his devotees. The same way we can win in the world as well.

When we do good deeds then why would anyone dislike us? Does anyone dislike someone who is doing something good? It can never happen.

What we usually do is, we stay in our own comfort zone, and give more importance to our own comforts and do only what we like to do. Then why will anyone like us?